Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Magnet Board Mania!

So . . . . I go through these phases where I need to create new wall decor, and this time I decided I needed a magnet board. Well, I couldn't just go with one, so I made three! Originally, I was going to do one for each of the kids and myself so we could hang our creations on them, but it turns out that I needed all three of them for me! LOL.

I put one above my desk in the craft room, one on the wall down low in the daycare (for magnetic letters and other toys), and then I put one in my bedroom and added a little bit of paper piecing to match my decor in there.

And the one in the bedroom . . . . my favorite -

To make these fun magnet boards, go to Home Depot or Lowe's and get a piece of sheet metal in whatever size you want (I used 2x3). Also get some trim to go around it. You can play with options, but my husband was with me and didn't give me much of a choice so mine is all the same. You can paint it if you want. I painted the one in my bedroom black and distressed it. To add paper embellishments, just cut them out and use spray adhesive to stick them on. I haven't made magnets for this one, but to do so, you just buy some of those clear stones in the floral department. Take some cute paper or magazines and trace around the stone, cut out, glue to back of rock with glass glue, and you have an adorable magnet. Use your imagination. I am thinking about making some flower magnets for this board from buttons . . . maybe I'll blog about that soon. Take care. - Amy

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