Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Liberty Doll listed on Ebay

Here's my newest grungy creation - Liberty. She's listed on ebay
I had this idea to take dowel rods and create fireworks from them. I had my husband cut the dowel rods down and drill a hole so I could put glue down in the hole and stuff some jute/twine in it. With most of my dolls, I start out with an outline template and then I add the face without having any real plan and just see how it turns out. I thought she turned out to have a very sweet, old looking face.

I seem to feel more inspired to create the grungy gals at the moment, but I have a whimsical dolly in the works as well.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Voila - some eye candy for the wall!

The craft studio / playroom is finally getting some dressing for the walls. Those naked walls were driving me nuts. I'm sure I will continue to add to it frequently, but for now, I at least have something up there and can get back to focusing on fun craft projects. For the biggest wall, I had hubby hang a shelf (which I didn't like once it was up, but it's too late) that I plan to put my new creations on. Under that, we have black giant clothespins where I hang the children's artwork throughout the week. Below that, I made some fun block letters by taking 12x12 inch pieces of MDF and MDF letters I bought at Hobby Lobby. I traced the letters on the back of scrapbook paper, cut that out, used spray adhesive to attach the paper to the letter, sanded around the edges and then stuck it to the wood with spray adhesive. (I guess I should say I painted the background white with orange dots and then used a permanent marker to decorate around the edges). Under that, we hung a piece of sheet metal and put some trim around it so the kids could play with their magnet letters and magnet toys.

On the back wall, I did the same method with letters I purchased a while back and hung white giant clothespins down at the children's eye level. (Hmmmm . . . how many of you don't know I have a daycare?)

The next wall(s) have my desk which also has a magnet board about it and my new banner that says "CREATE". That's my favorite saying . . . play, inspire, create . . . it's kinda my motto for the daycare.

The last wall has the closet area with the curtains. Hubby put a small shelf above it for a few of my dolls that I've collected.

Ok, there's the tour of the room! Now, I'm off to start creating in it! :)