Monday, August 17, 2009

CaNDy coRn pRiNcESs

Well, here she is . . . . everyone has a different opinion of this sweetie. She's a little (okay a lot to me) on the grungy side, but she still has a cuteness to her. I am going to list her on ebay soon, but I have to get some better pictures, and finding the time to do that . . . well, is difficult.

I hope you like her!


How did a month pass without a single post? Well, I like to overwhelm myself like most people. I wanted to get a quick post on here to let you know I am still chugging along, but slowly. This is my busiest week of the year because my daycare group (5 toddlers and 1 infant plus a kindergartener) start coming back, and my kids are still here because the teachers have to report, but school doesn't start until Thursday. So I have my full group plus my own kids, and then a few who are now school-age but have nowhere to go for the few days before school starts. Anyway, I'm already exhausted, and the house is a pit, but my group is absolutely adorable and sweet, and they are going to be so much fun this year. I just started my first week of my major courses to get my Bachelor's in Elementary Education. The general education is finally completely done, and I am well on my way to having my degree after all of these years! Woo hoo! But what about the sale you say?
What's going on with the primitive business side of Frogs to Fairy Dust? Well, I have a Candy Corn Princess that I am going to list on ebay, and I am going to turn that into a pattern. On my website, I have two $2 patterns listed that will be changed out every two weeks. Right now, Prim Pirates and Frankie are available - this is a great deal! Get them while you can!