Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Pattern Release - Puppy Love

I love Valentine's Day . . . always have! The colors just make me happy. In fact, I love it so much that I got married on Valentine's Day 8 years ago! Of course, now I realize how dumb that was because HE THINKS he can get away with one gift!!! lol

Above is my newest pattern (and dolly) . . . Primitive Puppy Love! The doll is up for auction on ebay, and so is the paper pattern Click to go there. The e-pattern is available on under Frogs to Fairy Dust.

I am typing this as I wait for the paint to dry on my coffee table . . . can't wait to get it finished so I can show you all! My 50 cent can of OOPS paint from The Home Depot is a great almond color . . . love those good buys!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Old Window Coffee Table Project - Tutorial

So, hubby decided to get started on the old window coffee table without me, and I didn't get to take pics before, but this project was honestly one of the easiest we have done. (He thinks I am silly when I take pics of half-done projects - so he gave us a little extra to look at!) Find an old window (I was lucky enough to have my FIL give me two of them for Christmas a couple of years ago). I have seriously been dreaming about this table since then, and hubby finally agreed and found some free time to help me. I'm not kidding when I say I have the best husband - he's so good to me - he puts up with my crazy whims and tries to make me happy. Anyway, he used some wood we had in the shed already. I don't know if it was plywood or what, but it was NOT MDF. I love MDF because it's so soft and smooth - lol. It doesn't matter what you use, but measure your window and cut a piece of 3/4 wood exactly the same size. Your window will sit on top of this base piece. You will also want to buy or make some legs. Hubby chose these for me, and I'm happy with them. You can use old porch posts if you know where to find them. Nail the base piece to the legs being sure to match up the corners. Set aside the window until later.

Next, you will want to measure between the legs. Using 1x3 or 1x4, cut your frame pieces to fit between the legs. We set ours back in the middle of the legs. Nail these in place. Hubby used the air nail gun and went from the bottom up.

And this is the way it looks after you put those pieces on . . .

Now, you lay your window on top of your table base (and hopefully it matches up perfectly). The purpose of this part is so that I can put pictures or other items on the base of the table that will show through the glass. I wanted the ability to change those from time to time, so we put hinges on the back side of the table.

And then add some trim. Measure the width of your window. Mine was about 2 inches, so I got 2 inch trim, and I needed 9 feet of it because I went around the three sides. I would love to go around all 4, but I wanted those hinges, so . . . . it is what it is. Measure and miter the edges of your trim to fit around the window edge. Nail in place. It is also recommended that you use a piece of twine and staple one side to the base and the other to the window to ensure that the window doesn't break off the hinges by accident.

It's cold and very windy here today, so there will not be any more work done until the weather gets better. I need to sand, paint, sand, distress, stain . . . . I will keep you updated on this project!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Primitive Panda Bear - Valentine Doll

I have been sketching pandas for the past year or so, and I wanted to create something for Valentine's Day, so here he is . . . . My Primitive Panda!

This dolly is sold, but the e-pattern is available on, and the paper pattern is up for auction on

Monday, January 11, 2010

Ellyphant Pattern Released - First of 2010

Here is Prim ELLYphant and her little mouse pal. This pattern is available on or email me at