Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me Give Away - Free Doll!!!

Because it's my birthday (seriously, it's my 32nd birthday), I am having my first ever dolly give-away through my blog. This dolly is a party pooper because she's a brat (not a representation of myself) and she wants the world to stop and revolve around her for the day (and it's not because she's watching 9 kids - again not representing myself here - lol).

To enter, leave a *nice* comment on this blog between now and July 12th at midnight, and I will randomly draw a winner on July 13th (to be announced on my blog). U.S. only for the dolly, but since I know there are some international gals, I will also have an e-pattern giveaway for this dolly plus two others of your choice. Be sure to comment in the blog that you are international so I can pull names from separate drawings.

To see this e-pattern and details on the dolly, go to and view Frogs to Fairy Dust patterns. Thank you everyone!


  1. Amy she is absolutely adorable. Enter me to win.

    Hugs Lisa I am in the US

  2. Happy Birthday Amy!!!

    The party pooper doll is absolutely ADORABLE!!!
    I can't decide if she was made for me, the mom who "sucks the fun out of everything" as my 15yr old would say. Or, the daughter who honestly believes that the world should revolve around her :) Either way, she would have a good home in the US.

  3. Haha looks like an angry girl but adorable to ..
    Like the way che is dressed.

  4. Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday to You!!!
    Oh I just love her little grumpy face hehe, thats how I feel alot of times too! She is adorable!
    Would love to be entered, I am in the US

  5. Hi Amy, awww she's so cute, I'm overseas, so would love to win her pattern, great give away..........Chris.

  6. How cute! Adorable! Oh my ...get me entered!
    Love your designs!
    thank you,

  7. Happy Birthday!!! Hope it is a good one!!!! So nice to do a give a way for your own birthday!!!! Nine kids!!! oh my!!!! You will need a vacation!!! hugs

  8. Your doll is adorable i would love to win her but as i live in Australia would you please enter me in for the e-pattern.
    Dolly Hugs to you

  9. You can't fool me Miss Amy.........she is the spitting image of you!!!! :)
    Love the fabric by the way!!!

    Miss ya!
    Big hugs
    Shagsy in Oz.......xox

  10. So cute please enter me Amy..PS Shags is right LOL

  11. This is adorable. I think you saw my 2 year old when you made this.


  12. What a cute little! I would love her to enter me into this dolly giveaway.

    hugz, Pam

  13. Amy she is just gorgeous, happy birthday wishes and hugs to you, Kirrily xx

  14. Aww...Happy, Happy Birthday Amy!
    She is just gorgeous! I'd love
    to enter to give her a new home. :)

  15. Dear Amy...Hope you had an absolutely wonderful birthday, and I hope everything DID revolve around you the entire day! Your dolly is so sweet!


  16. Happy Birthday Amy, I'm in Australia so could you please enter me into the draw for the epattern? Thanks so much....and I'm sure the doll isn't like you at all. Hugs Naomi

  17. Tis me again, could you please enter my friend Melissa from USA in for the doll...I'd like it if she won the doll, as a surprise for some kind deeds she's done for me. Hugs Naomi

  18. AHAHAHAHAHA........Sue agreed with me! :p

  19. She is just adorable, Amy! The look on her face looks just like mine, this morning! LOL

    Hope you have a very Happy Birthday~I remember the days of being 32. How time flies!

    Please enter me and thanks! :o)


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  21. Have a VERY Happy Birthday! Pretty sure the WHOLE WORLDS going to be spinning with no stopping for my birthday the 30th I'll be turning 21 WOOOHOO! By the way- I'm working on your turkey pattern right now:)[cant think of the pattern name] SOOO cute!

    P.S.I'd love to enter to give her a new home. :)

  22. Very cute. I would love to enter.

    Jill Fulmer

  23. Happy Birthday sweet friend! I think this is the BEST doll you have created! She made me laugh even though she has a pouty face! I will probably have this face a week from Tuesday when I turn 39. UGH! Love it! Miss our ya!


  24. Hey this idea! She could be the mascot for the girls soccer team! However, this is how I look when I get out of bed every single morning! This blog is really cool....I love the window coffee table. I had no idea that you are so inventive and crafty! How do you find the time? Happy Birthday! I would love to be entered to win....if I do win, she will come to every single soccer game and sit in the chair with me to cheer the girls on!

  25. Hi Amy! Happy Birthday!

    I love dollies with attitude!

    Please enter me to win, also!

    ~Ilona :C)

  26. Happy Birthday Amy! She is adorable!


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  28. Happy Birthday....My b-day was on the 10th. Very cute doll.


  29. Happy Birthday Amy! Hope it's FANTABULOUS!!!

    Oh my gracious....this doll is sooooo Carolina! :)
    Sign me up!!!

    Aimee Sikes

  30. Happy Birthday Amy! Hope it was wonderful!!! I would love to add this to my collection of your babies! This face is exactly like my 2yr old daughter who does not get her way! LOL! Priceless! If you don't choose me, I may have to add her to my pattern collection too! :)


  31. Happy Birthday to you!
    She's a very cute little party pooper....
    please pop my name in for the epattern as I'm in Australia...
    cheers Julz

  32. My daughter left home yesterday to go study at Miami. Her attitute made me feel frustrated and this unique sensation of emptiness. Your doll reminds myself and how my mother should felt when I did the same to her.

    Is not a happy comment, but dolls also express another emotions, and that do not mean theyre ugly or bad, just herself. Happy Birthday.

  33. Amy...Happy Birthday to you! This lil' precious(?????) looks like me on my last birthday! I was quite the party pooper....actally called that day the 22 second anniversary of my 30th girl quit trying to figure out how old I am''and pull my name (grin) Oh...and I'm not international but even winning just the pattern and not the dolly (big sigh) would be ok...I'm love your patterns! Hugs from your pal the party pooper!

  34. Love your party pooper cute! Birthday wishes to you.....your give away is a great idea. Please enter me into your give away party.