Sunday, November 8, 2009


I am a slave to laundry! It seems that I spend a huge chunk of my time washing, drying, folding, hanging, and ironing, and yet my laundry room is the ugliest area in the house. Not only do I have to stare at it when diligently cleaning everyone's soccer stained shirts and smelly socks, it sits between my kitchen and my craft studio / playroom so I walk past it countless times each day. Every parent who drops their child off in my daycare has to see this ugly little closet area. I did not take pictures of the before, but I'm sure you can imagine. Just undress it with your eyes!
It's that time of year where money isn't abundant (not that it ever is around here), so I had to get creative. I grabbed some extra fabric from my stash and trimmed to size, coffee stained it, and hemed the top to fit on the wire. I cut wire to length and wrapped around a nail tapped into each side of the wall. I added some aged safety pins. Then, I made a banner out of scrapbook paper and pinned it on to a section of wire with tiny safety pins.

Now, I don't have to stare at those ugly pieces of laundry equipment, AND I get to hide some of my craft supplies back there, and nobody knows. I have the nastiest looking cookie sheets you've ever seen, but they get a lot of use with the painting, staining, etc.


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